Thursday, February 11, 2010


Dear Girls,
Thank you so much for all the interest and support you give my offerings on Ebay and Etsy. I have started to present items on my selling blog IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE right here.
I have had this ornament in my minds eye for several days now. Actually could not sleep this morning at 4 AM for want of creating it.
First I took a hand blown real egg and bedazzled it with an abundant amount of real German silver fairy dust. Next I fashioned this Victorian rabbit also bedazzled with opulent German glitter. The Victorians loved to create this way. A bit of luscious marabou boa gives the rabbit ornament a whimsical flare. Note the pink millinery flowers and golden loop for display. Accomplishing this creation was no easy task...just getting the fairy dust on the egg was overwhelming...none the less it was a labor of love and I adore the results. If you like this feather tree ornament do not hesitate to buy because the next time you look it may vanish. Place this on a peg, door knob, chair, step back or Easter basket. Give to a friend and make their day. This is a final sale please. There will be more ornaments for your consideration and I have others listed on Ebay under the seller Summersdarling and Etsy under the seller name THEVELVETRABBIT. Collect them all. They look very sweet with dolls and bears and collectibles as I have shown you in the photographs.
The rabbit and egg together are an impressive 5 inches long including the golden loop for display. The rabbit sports chocolate brown bump chenille legs. You are purchasing the Victorian rabbit sitting on the egg only in this listing. The other items are not for sale at this time. Thank you for viewing. Item must be boxed to protect the art work. Please CONTACT ME AT SUMMERSDARLING@HOTMAIL.COM with your PayPal email if you wish to purchase.